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wwwwThe necessary death of a friend ww11 June 2009

wwwwwI do not want the memory crows
wwwwwamong my young swallows
wwwwwI do not want you there at all
wwwwwin blood, havoc and three-corner tears

wwwwwYou died in your skin
wwwwwhot and continuing
wwwwwnever solving the dance
wwwwwwith the ciphers and shadows

wwwwwI neatly squared the absolute
wwwwwof adult disappointment,
wwwwwcalculating loss by
wwwwwroots and rootlessness, but

wwwwwwas at last a small boy, pulling
wwwwwthe wings off angels in jam jars,
wwwwwto suffocate in slickly
wwwwwambered and abrasive prison

wwwwwYou remain behind glass locks,
wwwwwI fire off octavos in voices
wwwwwof eightness and twelveness,
wwwwwpoised and spaced over darkness

wwwwwMy birds know the roundness
wwwwwof spectra; their joyous,
wwwwwsymmetric, chromatic machine:
wwwwwI do not want you to break them


ww ww

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