wThe Awkward Squad ww wwwwPoetry by Eddie Castellan



wwwwThe animal explodes w17 April 2009

wwwwwWhy would the images betray him?
wwwwwHe deals in carefully constructed fakes,
wwwwwthe forger

wwwwwhe mourns his picture, not always of you,
wwwwwwhich smashed and left him still attacking
wwwwwthe labyrinth

wwwwwthe focus is slipping, slipping away as
wwwwwthe always-defined and known ideal

wwwwwThe anti-predator is caught in his own
wwwwwdistinctively optical traps: he was never
wwwwwwary of you

wwwwwthough his skin encases his own prison,
wwwwwthe locks resting uneasily in the dermis
wwwwwgrating on bone

wwwwwand within his eyes you found him
wwwwwalready blankly captured: it was always
wwwwwlike this.

wwwwwIt did not affect your minutely adjusted
wwwwwflame, whose tip was always accurately

wwwwwthough the receptive surfaces tarnish
wwwwwto your coppered hints and insinuations
wwwwwof fire to black

wwwwwand within each regretted droplet of hard
wwwwwindelible oxide, the lost and mythical
wwwwwanimal explodes

ww ww

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