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wTelecaster ww15 November 2009

I was among the
looking glass veins
of her natural ash,
studying nakedness

making harsh jangles
and elemental bite,
separating notes like
hawks and sliced roots

I felt the sun trickling
down my neck,
to my fingers and the
cutting pools of frets

streaked peaks roaring
in silent crystal-sweat,
churning up maple maps
and threats of riffs

I found within her
a paradise of easiness,
and puzzles to the
pulse of free-form radio

Leo Fender's first go at a design classic; to make a Telecaster you basically take two planks of wood, bolt them together and go from there. The fundamental rock simplicity of the Tele drives this poem, though I also find that the natural ash and maple of my own Tele makes for a lovely instrument.

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