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Still quick Winston ww13 May 2012

I have a confession to make, now
that mortality is all around me.
Will it matter if I fail you? As
my life begins to fill the page,
and we honour the august,
the respected and the plain dull,
remembering those whose lessons
we endured, vaguely recalling
sundry beers and marriages, births
and sundered partners.
When all is suddenly old but
nothing solved and we long
to survive that new dark age,
after which all that is lost
can once again be born.
I have crafted so many
forgotten corpses and wonder
if it will matter when I fail,
when all will be swept away as
sawdust under bleeding joints
of meat. This was the age when
we surrendered love for the
creeping dissonance of death
and only our veins stuttered
amid the lingering detritus
of exchanged rapt flesh.


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