wThe Awkward Squad ww wwwwPoetry by Eddie Castellan



wwwwSpring canto www19 March 2009

wwwwwSweating in the Russian dolls of late winter
wwwwwurgent as unspiked pigs in clay
wwwwwoverwhelming the waitings of wombs
wwwwwawakening random transactions of beauty

wwwwwSo many fists
wwwwwclenched above the earth-line
wwwwwsinews of buried bodies
wwwwwunborn and reborn as wine to come
wwwwwforearms of the vines
wwwwwas yet unscarred by saps and whips
wwwwwsucking in blue square boards of sun

wwwwwTouching the rippling under-song
wwwwwaware of the forlorn-ness of healing,
wwwwweyes hooded by the lash of projected summer
wwwwwpause to mix troubadour mongrel bloods
wwwwwand spit on cryptic snow

ww ww

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