wThe Awkward Squad ww wwwwPoetry by Eddie Castellan



wwwwSong for Swinging Cynics www18 October 2008

wwwwwHe used to be anonymous
wwwwwbut these days he's eponymous
wwwwwhe used to be a zero
wwwwwbut he prefers to be a hero

wwwwwHe finds such liberation
wwwwwin this weird situation
wwwwwand seizes every vice
wwwwwin the spirit of self-sacrifice

wwwwwHe knows it's condescension
wwwwwbeyond your comprehension
wwwwwbut doesn't want to be aloof
wwwwwhe's a supersonic youth

wwwwwHe pays the price of fame
wwwwwand knows it's just a game,
wwwwwalmost, 'cos if it's all the same
wwwwwhe'd have it all again

wwwwwHe used to sing soul
wwwwwto cover up the hole
wwwwwhe kept finding in the lining
wwwwwof the pocket of his being

wwwwwFaced with a knife
wwwwwhe'd rather have a life
wwwwwbut he knows James Dean
wwwwwdidn't die a has-been

wwwwwHe used be eponymous
wwwwwbut it came out in the wash
wwwwwthat the wake was a fake
wwwwwby anonymous bosh

wwwwwMaybe he's a victim
wwwwwon the altar of perception
wwwwwbut he's still on the cover
wwwwwof his posthumous collection

ww ww

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