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wLogic www10 January 2009

I was wearing new clothes
scraping them off price tags
and enjoying theft

You caught me on the sly
putting the redheads
in with the other fish

I changed myself
until the words came
and I heard them

Night's candles were
not lit, which I
found to be purple

I made examples of
chartered romantics
and scrapyard visitors

It was still only
Thursday for my
loyal accordionistas

I cried and hued
for obtuse tribes
of painters

A boy named truth
leant on my shadow
waiting a better moment

I closed the file on
a dangerous child and
met you on Ebony Bridge


I called this poem Logic because it hasn't any. It's completely absurd and has no meaning whatsoever, hidden or otherwise; at least that's the intention. Possibly there's some order in the slightly call-and- response structure. For me, there's a wonderful sense of internal logic in the apparent chaos of a Pollack, hence the choice of illustration. Besides I've never found an accordion in a scrapyard.

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