wThe Awkward Squad ww wwwwPoetry by Eddie Castellan



wwwwEtym Dub www22 February 2009

wwwwwI refuse to mean
wwwwwwhile you plead not to draw or you to play in tune

wwwwwI will concede only absence of vacuum
wwwwwa doubly-void emptiness of evidence without racine
wwwwwdiluted with ciphers and stingy chimaeras

wwwwwI will not be a madman, a pioneer, a genius, a great, an old guard
wwwwwforced to shock by return to mitigating waterlilies in C major
wwwwwthe inevitable jailer of witnessed and melodic roses

wwwwwI do not want to mean
wwwwwI want to get words out of their boxes
wwwwwand play with them like a careless child

wwwwwI will not be forced to put them away again
wwwwwbut will leave them lying about to be trodden on
wwwwwor perjured and bled white by the destroying sun

wwwwwI will beat my words until they are thinner than gold leaf
wwwwwor an emaciated goddess that nobody believes in

wwwwwI will hide their cases in crumpled notebooks
wwwwwstain them with ink from raw octopuses stunned by a single blow
wwwwwand bring in verdicts of etym dub against them

wwwwwAfter years of torment they will go to appeal
wwwwwbut nobody will believe them

ww ww

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