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sCafé w11 January 2009w

Avoiding the
spinning circles of the sun
on definite tables,
the ice voices subverted certain grooves
of ninths, elevenths and thirteenths.
It was all within the French gift,
the sequences clawed their throats
seeking non-ferrous excitement
carat by carat
as the wall stomached wound after wound
under the galvanising effect
of dense felt
in physical signatures of drink.
Men adopted the balletic grace of inanity
with pre-ordained crash positions,
each pursuing his silhouette
in unforeseen dogs


I like to get something fun and bizarre out of the perfectly ordinary; in this case Sunday lunchtime at the bright and lively Café de Fa in my home village. Just people at the tables, music, darts, blokes gaffing on and the inevitable dogs

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