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Anger management ww25 November 2012

Fuck the kids, what do they matter?
We stripped you to the bones, with the
ordinary greed of the old and jealous

we ripped your CDs, an innocuous start,
because we already have everything
we are entitled - we are your parents

what's yours is our's and what's
our's is our's too. An old hippy will
always let you down, and the suits,

grey punks and clapped out rock'n'rollers.
We stole all the riffs, leaving nothing for you
but an arrhythmic thud (which you call music)

but you'll be safe, digging in char until your
fingers bleed. We spent your future on more
new toys that no-one's supposed to play with

but this time, I think, we'll indulge in a shroom
now we're too old and there's only you left
on the board to bother about - we are entitled

man, it's the ultimate high, mainlining on
fallout. Kids are meant to be green
we gave you all our envy



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