wThe Awkward Squad ww wwwwPoetry by Eddie Castellan



wwwwAngel Alley ww20 April 2009

wwwwIt was you I saw, or perhaps not
wwwwat the long, grey vanishing point
wwwwof the platform, having just
wwwwthe lightened files of perception
wwwwto rely upon, a glimpse from your hills,
wwwwa possible transposition.
wwwwOnly age and monochrome could associate
wwwwfreely with your silhouette
wwwwbut the carefully nurtured merciful haze
wwwwdissolves acutely in the viscera,
wwwwthe easy fears of mistrusted outline
wwwwcrafting seeds of doubt
wwwwfrom a final twist of perspective
wwwwin words and dice and scratchy old film

ww ww

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