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xxrSo what's it all about?

ww51-year-old ordinary bloke, still in possession of own hair and teeth, seeks readers for his slightly less ordinary poetry.
wwIf you've got this far then you can take it that you've been mugged for the job.
wwPoetry, in the classic definition of Nigel Molesworth, is cissie stuff that rhymes. Except that mine doesn't. My lyrics do . . . sort of.

wwLet's cut to the chase . . .

wwI usually put a recent epic on the home page. It's likely to be about France (where I live) or even in French , music, weird personal stuff
wwor just plain surreal. If you survive it, you can probably find other little gems on this site, despite the kindergarten standard of web design.
wwYou may even like them. So here we go . . .

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Somewhere in Marseille

Better, I think, to leave without recriminations,
glad to ignore the siren.
But the greedy men stole you anyway
and stripped my ships of their fool's gold

I walk away, and am astonished at my own pleasure.
The roofs march round me in terracotta coffins,
in each a dead love, an old marionette,
possibly mine, but I'm not counting

Another day, I will dive,
over these roofs to the steel-eyed sea,
as the mad city boils to the screeching
birds and unearthly children,
down in the tenements and
convents breathing

I turn my back on the shouting suns,
tonight I will not hear them


The rooftops in Marseille where I wrote this poem



And now . . .

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